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"Mike Conto is a soulful artist who crosses over effortlessly into a variety of musical genres, all played with tremendous authenticity and aplomb. His compositions reflect his instrumental versatility and are equally melodic and inspired." - Ted Quinlan

Video Reel

Live @ Fox and Fiddle City Center - Toronto, ON

A partial sampling of Mike's repertoire, candid and undoctored, performed live December 26, 2017. Please click on 'Watch More' for the full video.

A Night With Mike

Singer & Picker

Bringing top-drawer acoustic performances in a wide variety of styles, Mike is a consummate professional and can accommodate virtually any show setting. His music will enhance your event by adding a touch of warm personality with years of musical experience.



"Mike is an amazing artist always bringing new stuff to his shows! Amazing band and wonderful entertainers, if your looking for a wide variety of past and present hits you got to watch this group"

Roy Clifton - Snug Harbour Restaurant

"Having decided to produce a film with no dialogue, it was obvious that the music would be crucial in selling the emotional plot of the story. Mike delivered in spades. Here we are not 2 months post completion and "Sad Monster" has won 3 International Film Festivals, been the focus of several television interviews, and remarkably garnered over 1500 people in attendance for it's Premiere in Nashville. All of which would never have been possible without Mike's paramount contribution."

Kurt Dettbarn - Director/Producer - Design Cellar

A Whole Lotta Love...

Mike's Songlist

A fan of too many musical genres to list here, Mike has made it his life's work to learn and feel the music of many of our greatest musical legends. Chances are Mike has your number.


"Never give up   .   .   .    Just keep on giving"

B.B. King


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